Welfare Reform: Council Safeguards against Negative Health Impacts

Some families will be left under a great deal of stress, due to the economic downturn and the upcoming changes to the benefit system. The reforms will affect people's general well-being and health in a number of ways. Therefore, help for mitigating any negative impacts and encouraging healthier lifestyle choices, must be one of the top priorities of the local government. 

Together with Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Kingston council has been trying to deal with the issues around poverty and ill-health. According to the Institute of Health Equity this programme id one of the first examples of a intervention and help for people, struggling with financial hardship.

A series of free management workshops have been organized by the council and the CAB across the borough. The purpose of these initiatives is to help residents take control of their finances as well as help those in financial difficulties gain the knowledge and confidence to make the most of their limited income.
Between 5 and 12 participants can take part in the sessions. Also, the audience will be targeted, because in this way, those in financial hardship are most likely to attend the sessions, the cleaners in Kingston said.