£1M More in First Year for Better Homes

A £1million boost has been added to the initiative for modernising thousands of homes across the borough.

£65million five-year programme, called Better Homes, is the biggest council housing investment programme in the borough for decades. It includes fitting new kitchens and bathrooms.

With work completed on 403 properties at the end of the first year, well ahead of the 195 target set by the Greater London Authority. Kingston Council has exceeded expectations by more than twice.

Therefore, GLA has forwarded its grant funding and allocated £3million to the council for the first year’s work, which is £1m more than originally planned.

The council expectations are that the work on 600 homes should be completed between now and next March. Besides bathrooms and kitchens, the work will also cover new windows and roofs begin to the outside of properties, the cleaners in Kingston said.